Your Best Writing Year Ever: 4 Time Management Hacks to Kickstart Your Productivity

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Identify which aspects of time management you need help with the most
  • Recognize why this practical and holistic approach is an absolute game-changer for writers 
  • Implement 4 simple action steps to start using immediately


 Meet Stacy


Hey there! I'm Stacy Juba. I teach authors how to simplify the editing process and fit their writing goals into a busy life.

When I surveyed my students and clients about their biggest obstacles, many of them noted time management and overwhelm.

As a mom, author, and entrepreneur, I've dealt with those struggles myself. After hitting rock bottom, I went on a quest to find balance and increase my productivity.

Over the years, I devised a four-part framework that has worked wonders for me, and now I want to share it with you.   

Here are comments from a few writers who followed the action steps I lead you through during the free masterclass.

"I love these challenges. They are so doable!"

"It has given me a sense of accomplishment!"

"That was cathartic . . . I can't believe how good that
feels. Thank you, Stacy, for the push to get this done."


Ready to get some clarity and direction on your time management? Snag your free seat for an insightful workshop that just may change your life and accelerate your writing career.


Here's what students have said about my time management courses:

“I'm a full-time writer now and needed some extra direction. The lessons on sorting my time and the work on internal and external clutter was fantastic, assuring me that I was heading in the right direction and that I needed help.”

Joanne Austen Brown 



“I've enjoyed this class. So many ideas/techniques/advice to improve my time management! I am slowly inputting much of what you presented into my daily routine. I really liked the fact that you didn't provide a 'cookie cutter' form of time management that we are supposed to squeeze our lives.”

Janna K.



“It helped clarify which areas of my life could use decluttering.  The course is very well-organized, and I loved the decluttering tips. My biggest takeaways were flexibility and cutting myself some slack.” Natalie Goes



“I was very busy with many things and couldn't really get anything done. I learned many ways to handle my Gmail account and how to customize my writing space to my needs. I liked all the detailed pieces of information and links to different things that were helpful.” Angela M. Harris